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New for Driver Development Tools

Windows XP features some expansions to Driver Verifier, in addition to a radically new set of debuggers.

Driver Verifier

Driver Verifier has several new options and features:

  • Enhanced I/O Verification tests

  • DMA Verification option

  • Deadlock Detection option

  • SCSI Verification option

  • Improved Driver Verifier Manager graphical interface

  • Expanded volatile settings

For details, see Driver Verifier.

Debugging Tools for Windows

A number of powerful debugging tools--including WinDbg, KD, and CDB--have been completely revised and updated since the release of Windows 2000. These debuggers are part of the Debugging Tools for Windows package.

Debugging Tools for Windows can be installed from the Driver Development Kit (DDK) CD. (Note that this is a change from the Windows 2000 DDK, where the debugger package was installed during the DDK installation.)

Routines for Debugging Drivers

Two new routines have been added to assist kernel-mode drivers in sending messages to a kernel debugger. You can use these routines to indicate the severity and cause of each message. When debugging your driver, you can choose which messages to display and which to ignore. For more information, see DbgPrintEx and KdPrintEx.

The KD_DEBUGGER_NOT_PRESENT and KD_DEBUGGER_ENABLED global kernel variables have also been added. These are useful to determine whether kernel debugging has been enabled, and whether a kernel debugger is currently attached to the computer on which your driver is running.



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