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New for Driver Development Tools

The Windows Driver Kit (WDK) that is released with Windows Server 2008 includes the following driver development tools and technologies:

Static Driver Verifier

PREfast for Drivers

  • Supports source code annotations to improve the effectiveness of code analysis and to reduce noise.

Driver Verifier

  • Updated documentation for Driver Verifier to reflect that most tool options now support graphics drivers in addition to kernel-mode drivers. See Driver Verifier.

WDF Verifier Control Application

  • Provides an easy-to-use interface to the WDF framework's verifier for KMDF and UMDF drivers. See WDF Verifier Control Application for a list of the new features in this release.


  • Provides a set of tools that allows testing, verifying, and debugging WDF drivers.

  • Provides a WMI programming interface that can be used in a script or a compiled application. For more information, see WdfTester: WDF Driver Testing Toolset.


  • Stampinf (Stampinf.exe) is a tool that you can use to update common INF and INX file directives when you use the build utility and your driver's sources and

Device Simulation Framework

  • The Device Simulation Framework for USB Devices provides a programming framework to simulate USB devices in software. This release features updated documentation for the framework's interfaces, methods, and properties. See Device Simulation Framework Reference.

Device Path Exerciser

  • Now provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and improved logging capabilities.

  • Runs the same application (Devpathexer.exe) that is used in the Windows Logo Kit. For more information, see Device Path Exerciser.

Additions and Removals

The following tools have been removed from the WDK:

  • Ascpislp.exe

  • Sleeper.exe

  • Regdump.exe

  • Objdir.exe

PwrTest (Pwrtest.exe), a power management tool for Windows Vista and later versions of the operating system, replaces Ascpislp.exe and Sleeper.exe.



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