New for Display and Print Device Drivers

The release of Windows Vista includes new documentation about the following:

Display (Adapters and Monitors)


  • The spooler notification mechanism provides a two-way communication path between spooler-hosted components (such as printer drivers, print processors, and port monitors) and applications. This mechanism enables printing components running in the spooler process to display user interface elements in the session in which a print job was initiated. For more information, see Spooler Notification.

  • Independent of the spooler, a printer driver can provide asynchronous event notification messages to a client computer by using the Asynchronous User Notification XML schema, asyncui.xsd. For more information, see Asynchronous User Notification Schema.

  • A printer driver can support autoconfiguration, which automatically configures the print queue according to the installable features of the device, rather than simply using the driver's default settings. Autoconfiguration relies upon the bidirectional (bidi) communications schema. For more information, see Printer Autoconfiguration and Bidi Communications Schema.

  • Drivers can provide a richer user experience by implementing the driver print ticket and print capabilities provider interface. For more information, see Printer Driver and Plug-in Interface Design in Windows Vista and Methods for Print Ticket Providers and Consumers.

  • For improved support of duplex printing, booklet, and N-up printing, new and updated functions and structures are provided for print processors to implement. For more information, see the following topics:
  • The Windows Color System (WCS) provides full control of every stage of the color processing pipeline and supports Image Color Management (ICM) 2.0. For more information, see Windows Color System.

  • Limitations and pitfalls that you might encounter in writing a 64-bit printer driver are discussed in Writing 64-Bit Printer Drivers.



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