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Driver Verifier

Driver Verifier has several new features in Windows Vista.

The first of these is the ability to enable, disable, or change the settings of Driver Verifier without restarting the computer. However, any changes made to the settings of Driver Verifier in this way will be lost the next time the computer is restarted.

The following options are new in Driver Verifier:

  • Force Pending I/O Requests -- randomly returns STATUS_PENDING in response to a driver's calls to IoCallDriver in order to test the driver's logic for responding to such return values.

  • Security Checks -- monitors the driver for common errors that can result in security vulnerabilities.

  • Miscellaneous Checks -- looks for common causes of driver crashes, such as freeing memory that still contains active kernel objects. This option also enables Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) registration checking.

The I/O Verification option has also been enhanced to include Driver Hang Verification, which times the driver's I/O completion and cancellation routines and reports routines that exceed time limits specified by the user. The I/O Verification option also more closely monitors Remove Lock usage.

The Force IRQL Checking option has been improved with addition of tests that detect when certain synchronization objects are included in pageable memory.

The Low Resources Simulation option has been enhanced so that the user can specify the probability that Driver Verifier will fail a given allocation and the number of minutes after starting during which Driver Verifier does not intentionally fail any allocations. The user can also limit the allocations that Driver Verifier can fail to allocations with certain pool tags and/or allocations for specified programs.

Additional Automatic Checks have also been added to Driver Verifier. The new features include monitoring driver dispatch routines and Memory Descriptor List (MDL) usage.

For more information, see Driver Verifier.



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