IXpsRasterizationFactory Interface

In Windows 7, the IXpsRasterizationFactory interface represents an object factory for creating XPS rasterizer objects. Rasterizer objects created by the factory implement IXpsRasterizer interfaces. An XPSDrv filter uses a rasterizer object to convert an XPS fixed page to one or more bitmap images.

The IXpsRasterizationFactory interface is not implemented in versions of Windows before Windows 7.

An XPSDrv filter obtains a reference to an IXpsRasterizationFactory interface instance from the property bag received from the print filter pipeline manager. The pipeline manager calls the filter's IPrintPipelineFilter::InitializeFilter method and passes in an IPrintPipelinePropertyBag pointer. The interface reference is a VT_UNKNOWN property value that is identified by the property name "MS_IXpsRasterizationFactory". For a code example that gets an IXpsRasterizationFactory interface from a property bag, see Using the XPS Rasterization Service.

The IXpsRasterizationFactory interface is defined in header file Xpsrassvc.h.

IXpsRasterizationFactory inherits from the IUnknown interface. In addition to the methods that IXpsRasterizationFactory inherits from IUnknown, IXpsRasterizationFactory supports the following method:




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