DrvNextBand function

The DrvNextBand function is called by GDI when it has finished drawing a band for a physical page, so the driver can send the next band to the printer.


BOOL DrvNextBand(
  _In_ SURFOBJ *pso,
  _In_ POINTL  *pptl


pso [in]

Caller-supplied pointer to a SURFOBJ structure, which identifies the banding surface.

pptl [in]

Caller-supplied pointer to a POINTL structure to receive the function-supplied origin of the next band.

Return value

If the operation succeeds, the function should return TRUE. Otherwise, it should call the Win32 SetLastError function to set an error code, and then return FALSE.


If a printer graphics DLL uses GDI-managed surfaces, and if it supports surface banding, it must provide a DrvNextBand function. GDI calls DrvNextBand each time it has finished drawing the portion of the page's image that can be contained on the band's surface. The surface used by GDI for drawing is one that the driver previously specified by calling EngMarkBandingSurface. The function should send the image to the printer by calling EngWritePrinter, and it should return the indices of the next band's origin in the POINTL structure pointed to by pptl.

After all of a physical page's bands have been drawn, the function should set both members of the POINTL structure pointed to by pptl to -1.


Target platform


Winddi.h (include Winddi.h)

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