DriverEntry of Display Miniport Driver function

The DriverEntry function provides the Microsoft DirectX graphics kernel subsystem with a set of pointers to functions implemented by the display miniport driver.


NTSTATUS DriverEntry(
  _In_ PDRIVER_OBJECT  DriverObject,
  _In_ PUNICODE_STRING RegistryPath


DriverObject [in]

A pointer to a DRIVER_OBJECT structure that represents the driver formed by the (display miniport, display port) driver pair.

RegistryPath [in]

A pointer to a UNICODE_STRING structure that supplies the path to the driver's registry key.

Return value

DriverEntry calls DxgkInitialize and must return the value returned by DxgkInitialize.


DriverEntry must perform the following steps:

  1. Allocate a DRIVER_INITIALIZATION_DATA structure, and set its Version member to DXGKDDI_INTERFACE_VERSION, which is defined in Dispmprt.h.

  2. Fill in the remaining members of the DRIVER_INITIALIZATION_DATA structure with pointers to the following functions, which are implemented by the display miniport driver:

    Additional DxgkDdiXxx functions that can be implemented by display miniport drivers are described in the interfaces listed in Kernel-Mode Interfaces Implemented By the Display Miniport Driver.

  3. Pass DriverObject, RegistryPath, and the filled in DRIVER_INITIALIZATION_DATA structure to DxgkInitialize.

  4. Return the value returned by DxgkInitialize.

The DRIVER_INITIALIZATION_DATA structure does not need to remain in memory after DriverEntry returns.

DriverEntry should be made pageable.


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Available in Windows Vista and later versions of the Windows operating systems.



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