HBAFC3MgmtInfo WMI Class

A WMI client uses the HBAFC3MgmtInfo class to query an HBA miniport driver for FC3 management information associated with a Fibre Channel adapter. FC3 refers to the common services layer of the Fibre Channel protocol. It defines a set of services which are common across multiple ports of a node. For an explanation of the common services layer, see the T11 committee's Fibre Channel HBA API specification.

The HBAFC3MgmtInfo class is defined as follows in Hbaapi.mof:

class HBAFC3MgmtInfo {
  [Description ("Unique identifier for the adapter. This"
    "identifier must be unique among all adapters. "
    "The same value for the identifier must be used "
    "for the same adapter in other classes that expose "
    "adapter information") : amended,
   WmiRefProperty("UniqueAdapterId"), WmiDataId(1) 
     uint64  UniqueAdapterId;
// CIM_FibreChannelAdapter REF
  [HBAType("HBA_WWN"), WmiDataId(2)] uint8  wwn[8];
  [WmiDataId(3)] uint32  unittype;
  [WmiDataId(4)] uint32  PortId;
  [WmiDataId(5)] uint32  NumberOfAttachedNodes;
  [WmiDataId(6)] uint16  IPVersion;
  [WmiDataId(7)] uint16  UDPPort;
  [WmiDataId(8)] uint8  IPAddress[16];
  [WmiDataId(9)] uint16 reserved;
  [WmiDataId(10)] uint16  TopologyDiscoveryFlags;
  [WmiDataId(11)] uint32  reserved1;

When compiled by the WMI tool suite, this class definition produces the HBAFC3MgmtInfo data structure. There are no methods associated with this WMI class.



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