Searching for Process Servers

You can use KD or CDB with the -QR command-line option to obtain a list of available process servers that are running on a network server computer.

This list may include servers that no longer exist but which were not shut down properly -- connecting to one of these generates an error message. The list will also include debugging servers and KD connection servers. The server type will be indicated in each case.

The syntax for this is as follows:

Debugger -QR \\Server

Debugger can be either KD or CDB -- the display will be the same in either case. The two backslashes (\\) preceding Server are optional.

In WinDbg, you can use the Connect to Remote Stub Server dialog box to browse a list of available process servers. See File | Connect to Remote Stub for more details.

Note  For a process server to be discoverable, it must be activated with elevated privileges. For more information, see Activating a Process Server.

If you are not logged on to the client computer with an account that has access to the server computer, you might need to provide a user name and password. On the client computer, in a Command Prompt window, enter the following command.

net use \\Server\ipc$ /user:UserName

where Server is the name of the server computer, and UserName is the name of an account that has access to the server computer.

When you are prompted, enter the password for UserName.

After this command succeeds, you can discover process servers (running on the server computer) by using -QR or Connect to Remote Stub.




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