IDot11ExtUI::GetDot11ExtUIProperties method

Important  The Native 802.11 Wireless LAN interface is deprecated in Windows 10 and later. Please use the WLAN Device Driver Interface (WDI) instead. For more information about WDI, see WLAN Universal Windows driver model.

The IDot11ExtUI::GetDot11ExtUIProperties method allows the Native 802.11 IHV UI Extensions DLL to return a list of extensions to the operating system's 802.11 connectivity or security properties.


HRESULT GetDot11ExtUIProperties(
  [out] ULONG                      *pcExtensions,
  [out] IDot11ExtUIProperty        **ppDot11ExtUIProperty


ExtType [in]

The type of the property page extension. The data type for this parameter is the DOT11_EXT_UI_PROPERTY_TYPE enumeration:


Specifies an extension for a connectivity property page.


Specifies an extension for a security property page.


Specifies an extension to the security properties in which IHV-defined settings are used together with Microsoft 802.1X settings

For Windows Vista, with this type of property extension, the Native 802.11 IHV UI Extensions DLL can add proprietary cipher suites to the Encryption list on the Security tab displayed by the Network Configuration UI. The operating system queries the DLL for the Encryption list items by calling the IDot11ExtUIProperty::Dot11ExtUIPropertyGetDisplayInfo method implemented for the property extensions.

pcExtensions [out]

A pointer to a ULONG variable. The Native 802.11 IHV UI Extensions DLL sets *pcExtensions to the number of property extensions within the buffer that are referenced by the ppDot11ExtUIProperty parameter.

ppDot11ExtUIProperty [out]

A pointer to a pointer variable that references a list of one or more property extension lists. Each property extension within the list is formatted as an IDot11ExtUIProperty interface. For more information about this interface, see IDot11ExtUIProperty COM Interface.

The Native 802.11 IHV UI Extensions DLL allocates the buffer that is used for the property extensions list and sets **ppDot11ExtUIProperty to the address of the buffer. The operating system frees the buffer after the IDot11ExtUI::GetDot11ExtUIProperties method returns.

Return value

If the call succeeds, the method returns S_OK.

If the Native 802.11 IHV UI Extensions DLL does not support property extensions, the method returns E_NOTIMPL.

If the call fails for any other reason, the method returns the appropriate error code defined in Winerror.h.


The IDot11ExtUI::GetDot11ExtUIProperties method returns the number of extensions that are developed by the independent hardware vendor (IHV) for the 802.11 Connection or Security tabs. Each property extension specifies the respective COM objects that will handle the display and manipulation of the various extensions.

For Windows Vista, the Native 802.11 IHV UI Extensions DLL can only support and return one connectivity property extension.


Target platform

Minimum support

Available in Windows Vista and later versions of the Windows operating systems.



See also

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