Using Device Manager

To start Device Manager, right-click the My Computer icon, select Manage from the menu, and select Device Manager from the System Tools that are listed in the resulting display.

Device Manager displays information about each device. This includes the device type, device status, manufacturer, device-specific properties, and information about the driver for the device. See the Help in Device Manager for more information.

If your device is required to start the computer, a problem with your device installation can prevent the computer from starting. In these cases, you have to use the kernel debugger to troubleshoot your device installation. For more information, see the online documentation supplied with the Microsoft debuggers.

If your device is not required to start the computer, you will typically notice a problem with your device installation because your device is not working correctly and Device Manager marks your device with a yellow exclamation point. Device Manager also provides an error message. For more information, see Device Manager Error Messages.

When you are testing the installation of a new PnP device, it can be useful to have Device Manager list hidden devices. For more information, see Viewing Hidden Devices.

For Windows XP and later versions of Windows, Device Manager provides a Details tab that contains information that can be useful when you debug drivers. For more information, see Device Manager Details Tab.



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