DSM_QueryUniqueId WMI Class

MPIO publishes the DSM_QueryUniqueId WMI class but expects the DSM to register the GUID and handle its implementation. A WMI client uses the DSM_QueryUniqueId WMI class to query the unique identifier for a path.

class DSM_QueryUniqueId

    [key, read]
    string InstanceName;

    boolean Active;

    // This Identifier needs to be set by DSMs that want management applications
    // like VDS to be able to manage the devices controlled by the particular DSM.
    // This DsmUniqueId will be used in conjuction with the DsmPathId to construct
    // a path identitifer that is unique not just among all paths known to this DSM,
    // but also among all the DSMs present on the system.
     DisplayName("DSM Unique Identifier") : amended,
     Description("DSM Unique Identifier to be used by a management application") : amended
    uint64 DsmUniqueId;

When this class definition is compiled by the WMI tool suite, it produces the DSM_QueryUniqueId data structure. There are no methods associated with this WMI class.



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