DSM_QuerySupportedLBPolicies WMI Class

DSM_QuerySupportedLBPolicies WMI Class

MPIO publishes the DSM_QuerySupportedLBPolicies_V2 WMI class but expects the DSM to register the GUID and handle its implementation. A WMI client uses the DSM_QuerySupportedLBPolicies_V2 WMI class to query all the load balance policies that a DSM supports.

class DSM_QuerySupportedLBPolicies

    [key, read]
    string InstanceName;

    boolean Active;

     Description("Number of supported Load Balance policies") : amended
    uint32 SupportedLBPoliciesCount;

     Description("Reserved") : amended
    uint32 Reserved;

     Description("Supported Load Balance Policies array") : amended
    DSM_Load_Balance_Policy Supported_LB_Policies[];

When this class definition compiled by the WMI tool suite, this class definition produces the DSM_QuerySupportedLBPolicies data structure. There are no methods associated with this WMI class.



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