DSM_Load_Balance_Policy_V2 WMI Class

DSM_Load_Balance_Policy_V2 WMI Class

MPIO publishes the DSM_LOAD_Balance_Policy_V2 WMI class but expects the DSM to register the GUID and handle its implementation. An MPIO driver uses the DSM_LOAD_Balance_Policy_V2 WMI class to identify the load balance policy that is applied to an MPIO disk.

class DSM_Load_Balance_Policy_V2

    // Version information for futher changes.
     Description("Version Number") : amended
    uint32 Version;

    // Load Balance type.
     Description("Load Balance Policy implemented by the DSM") : amended,
     Values{"Fail Over Only",
            "Round Robin",
            "Round Robin with Subset",
            "Dynamic Least Queue Depth",
            "Weighted Paths",
            "Least Blocks",
            "Vendor Specific"} : amended,

     ValueMap{"1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7"}
    uint32 LoadBalancePolicy;

    // If load balance policy is DSM_LB_VENDOR_SPECIFIC then the following
    // properties are not used. The caller would need to provide data for
    // setting the vendor specific Load Balance policy.

    // Number of paths.
     Description("Number of entries in DSM_Paths array") : amended
    uint32 DSMPathCount;

     Description("Reserved field") : amended
    uint32 Reserved;

    // Paths' array.
     Description("DSM_Paths array") : amended
    MPIO_DSM_Path_V2 DSM_Paths[];

When this class definition is compiled by the WMI tool suite, it produces the DSM_Load_Balance_Policy_V2 data structure. There are no methods associated with this WMI class.



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