ShowDeviceInDisconnectedState element

The ShowDeviceInDisconnectedState element specifies whether the device icon appears when the device is in a disconnected state, such as when the user unplugs or powers down a device connected to the computer.




There are no attributes.

Text value

Must be false (0) or true (1).

Child elements

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Parent elements



The WindowsInfo element is the parent element of the WindowsInfo XML schema.


<xs:element name="ShowDeviceInDisconnectedState" type="xs:boolean" default="false" />


When the device specified through a device metadata package is disconnected from the computer, the operating system performs the following actions based on the value of the ShowDeviceInDisconnectedState element:

  • If the value of the ShowDeviceInDisconnectedState element is set to true (1), the operating system displays the device icon in a dimmed state to show that it is unavailable.
  • If the value of the ShowDeviceInDisconnectedState element is set to false (0), the operating system does not display the device icon.
  • If the target device is for a USB device that does not report a serial number to the USB bus driver, the ShowDeviceInDisconnectedState element is ignored.

    If the USB device does not report a serial number, the USB bus driver creates a new device node (devnode) that is based on the USB hub port number that the device is connected to. If the user unplugs the device from one port and plugs it into a different port, the operating system creates a different devnode for the device. However, because there are now two devnodes, the operating system assumes that there are two instances of the device connected to the USB hub.

    For this type of USB device, the operating system ignores the ShowDeviceInDisconnectedState element to avoid displaying multiple dimmed icons for the device whenever the user unplugs it from one port and plugs it into another port on the USB hub.

Note  The operating system performs these actions for the icon that represents the device, regardless of whether the device icon was specified through the DeviceIconFile element.

This element is required.

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