The DecodeExtensionExecute function performs a decode operation by using the given Microsoft DirectX Video Accelerator (VA) nonstandard decode device.



__checkReturn HRESULT APIENTRY DecodeExtensionExecute(
  _In_          HANDLE                           hDevice,
{ ... }


hDevice [in]

A handle to the display device (graphics context).

pData [in, out]

A pointer to a D3DDDIARG_DECODEEXTENSIONEXECUTE structure that describes the DirectX VA decode operation to perform.

Return value

DecodeExtensionExecute returns one of the following values:

Return codeDescription

The DirectX VA decode operation is successfully performed.


DecodeExtensionExecute could not allocate the required memory for it to complete.



A user-mode display driver can implement the DecodeExtensionExecute function to support extensions to the standard decode types (that is, nonstandard decode GUIDs). These nonstandard decode types are useful for configuring encryption and other miscellaneous enhancements.

DecodeExtensionExecute is called when DirectX VA 2.0 decoders require the nonstandard extensions.

For compatibility with DirectX VA 1.0 decoders that might require these nonstandard extensions, DecodeExtensionExecute is called whenever a DirectX VA 1.0 decoder makes an execution call in which any bDXVA_Func value that is greater than 4 is set in the most significant 8 bits of the Function member of the D3DDDIARG_DECODEEXTENSIONEXECUTE structure. DecodeExtensionExecute is also called whenever DirectX VA 1.0 decoder makes a configuration call in which any DXVA_ConfigQueryOrReplyFunc flag other than DXVA_QUERYORREPLYFUNCFLAG_DECODER_PROBE_QUERY (0xFFFFF1) or DXVA_QUERYORREPLYFUNCFLAG_DECODER_LOCK_QUERY (0xFFFFF5) flag is set in the most significant 24 bits of Function. For more information about the meanings for the bit settings of Function, see the DXVA_ConfigQueryOrReplyFlag and DXVA_ConfigQueryorReplyFunc Variables and bDXVA_Func Variable topics.

Because of compatibility issues with DirectX VA 1.0 decoders that might make such a configuration call before DXVA_QUERYORREPLYFUNCFLAG_DECODER_LOCK_QUERY, those decoders can make such a configuration call also before a decode device is created. If such a configuration call is made before a decode device is created, the hDecode member of the D3DDDIARG_DECODEEXTENSIONEXECUTE structure that the pData parameter points to is set to NULL. In this situation, the driver might be required to return an error (for example, E_FAIL) if the driver cannot support the situation independent of a decode device.


Target platform



Available in Windows Vista and later versions of the Windows operating systems.


D3dumddi.h (include D3dumddi.h)

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