The DD_MORESURFACECAPS structure defines more driver surface capabilities in addition to those described in DDCORECAPS.


typedef struct _DD_MORESURFACECAPS {
  DWORD                                dwSize;
  DDSCAPSEX                            ddsCapsMore;
  struct tagNTExtendedHeapRestrictions {
    DDSCAPSEX ddsCapsEx;
    DDSCAPSEX ddsCapsExAlt;
  } ddsExtendedHeapRestrictions[1];



Specifies the size of this DD_MORESURFACECAPS structure. The DD_MORESURFACECAPS structure is of variable size. There should be exactly DD_HALINFO.vmiData.dwNumHeaps copies of the ddsExtendedHeapRestrictions structure within the array member of this structure. The total size of a DD_MORESURFACECAPS structure is thus:

dwSize = 
   (DD_HALINFO.vmiData.dwNumHeaps - 1) * sizeof(DDSCAPSEX) * 2

This calculation accounts for the minimum size of the DD_MORESURFACECAPS structure, which includes only one ddsExtendedHeapRestrictions array element. Any additional ddsExtendedHeapRestrictions array elements must be accounted for by adding the sizes of the remaining array elements. That is, by adding the product of the number of remaining ddsExtendedHeapRestrictions structures times the size of each one.


Specifies a DDSCAPSEX structure that provides the extensions to ddcaps.ddsCaps that describe the types of extended surfaces the driver can create. When a DDCAPS structure is returned to the application, it is a DDSCAPS2 structure manufactured from DDCAPS.ddsCaps and DD_MORESURFACECAPS.ddsCapsMore. A DDSCAPSEX structure is the same as a DDSCAPS2 structure without the dwCaps member.


Specifies a structure containing two members. These members are filled in by Microsoft DirectX 6.0-aware drivers (and drivers compliant with later versions of DirectX), to restrict the video memory heaps that are exposed to Microsoft DirectDraw to certain sets of DDSCAPS_Xxx bits. The DirectDraw version is determined by looking at DDVERSIONINFO, which is defined in ddrawi.h. The ddsCapsEx and ddsCapsExAlt members of the DD_MORESURFACECAPS structure are exactly analogous to the ddsCaps and ddsCapsAlt members of the VIDEOMEMORY structures listed in the VIDMEMINFO.pvmList member of DD_HALINFO.vmiData.


Specifies a DDSCAPSEX structure in which the driver returns the capabilities for which this chunk of memory cannot be used.


Specifies a DDSCAPSEX structure in which the driver returns the capabilities for which this chunk of memory cannot be used for when no other memory is found on the first pass.


This structure contains the caps bits added to the DDCAPS.ddsCaps structure in DirectX 6.0. See the DirectDraw SDK documentation for a description of the DDCAPS structure.

Note for Microsoft Windows 98/Me: DD_MORESURFACECAPS is the definition for Windows 2000 and later versions. Drivers that run on Windows 98/Me use the name DDMORESURFACECAPS, which is aliased in dx95type.h.



Ddrawint.h (include Winddi.h)

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