ModelID element

The ModelID element specifies the GUID of a physical device.




There are no attributes.

Text value

A value formatted as a GUIDType XML simple type.

Child elements

There are no child elements.

Parent elements



The ModelIDList element specifies the GUID of each hardware model supported by the device specified within the device metadata package.


<xs:element name="ModelID" type="tns:GUIDType" maxOccurs="unbounded" />


The ModelID element specifies a model ID for a hardware model supported by a device. Each model ID is specified through a GUID.

Model IDs are based on the business definition or SKU of the physical device. Each model ID must be unique for all makes and models of the physical device.

The following list describes the differences between hardware and model IDs for a physical device:

  • Hardware IDs, specified through the HardwareID element, identify a hardware function based on a bus-specific value. Hardware IDs could map device drivers to device instances. For example, two devices with the same hardware ID share a functional interface that is used by the same driver.
  • Model IDs, specified through the ModelID element, enable the OEM or independent hardware vendor (IHV) to uniquely identify the physical device independent of bus or interface technologies. For example, two devices with different model IDs may have the same hardware IDs for their components.
  • Hardware IDs map device metadata packages to device instances on a specific bus or interface.
  • Model IDs map device metadata packages to physical devices, regardless of how the device is connected to the computer.

The ModelID element is required if the ModelIDList element is specified in the PackageInfo XML document.

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