IDebugSymbolGroup2::GetSymbolValueText method

The GetSymbolValueText method returns a string that represents the value of a symbol.


HRESULT GetSymbolValueText(
  [in]            ULONG  Index,
  [out, optional] PSTR   Buffer,
  [in]            ULONG  BufferSize,
  [out, optional] PULONG NameSize


Index [in]

The index of the symbol whose value you want. The index of a symbol is an identification number. The index ranges from zero through the number of symbols in the symbol group minus one.

Buffer [out, optional]

The value of the symbol as a string. If Buffer is NULL, this information is not returned.

BufferSize [in]

The size, in characters, of the Buffer buffer.

NameSize [out, optional]

The size, in characters, of the value of the symbol. If NameSize is NULL, this information is not returned.

Return value

Return codeDescription

The method was successful.


The method was successful. However, the value of the symbol would not fit in the buffer referred to by the Buffer parameter, so a truncated value was returned.


This method can also return error values. For more information, see Return Values.


If you added the symbol to the symbol group by using the AddSymbol method, the string that is returned to Buffer is the name of the symbol that is passed to AddSymbol.

For more information about symbol groups, see Scopes and Symbol Groups.


Target platform


Dbgeng.h (include Dbgeng.h)

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