This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

IrDA Miniport Driver Packet Coding Schemes

The actual format of packets that travel on the infrared media can vary, according to the speed at which those packets are transmitted and received. The way that an IrDA miniport driver formats packets depends on the hardware implementation of its infrared NIC. The following sections briefly describe different methods of coding frames for different types of infrared NICs:

SIR Coding

MIR Coding

FIR Coding

VFIR Coding

If hardware for infrared NICs does not isolate developers from coding for the infrared media, they can obtain publications Infrared Data Association Serial Infrared Physical Layer Link Specification and Infrared Data Association Serial Infrared Link Access Protocol (IrLAP). These publications explain in detail how to code frames for all types of infrared NICs and are available from IrDA.



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