Feature Conflict Priority

Feature Conflict Priority

A feature's conflict priority identifies the priority that a feature should have when Unidrv's user interface code enforces option constraints.

The GPD parser assigns a conflict priority to a feature in the following order, from highest to lowest priority:

  1. Installable features that are actually installed. (See Handling Installable Features and Options.)

  2. Features with *FeatureType set to PRINTER_PROPERTY.

  3. Features with *FeatureType set to DOC_PROPERTY or JOB_PROPERTY.

Features within each feature type are assigned a relative priority based on the value specified for the feature's *ConflictPriority attribute. Thus, for example, a PRINTER_PROPERTY feature with a *ConflictPriority attribute of 1 has a higher priority than a DOC_PROPERTY feature with a *ConflictPriority attribute of 3. Features that do not have a *ConflictPriority attribute have a lower priority than those that do.

For more information about the *FeatureType and *ConflictPriority attributes, see Feature Attributes.



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