LastModifiedDate element

The LastModifiedDate element specifies the time stamp when the device metadata package was last changed. Based on this information, the operating system selects and loads the most recent version of the device metadata package.




There are no attributes.

Text value

The time stamp value is represented in the Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) format.

Child elements

There are no child elements.

Parent elements



The MetadataKey element specifies the attributes of the device metadata package. These include the following:

  • The identifier for each hardware function supported by the device.
  • The language-specific locale for the text strings within the package.


<xs:element name="LastModifiedDate" type="xs:dateTime" />


Every time that you submit your device metadata package to the Windows Dev Center hardware dashboard for distribution through the Windows Metadata and Internet Services (WMIS), the hardware dashboard modifies the LastModifiedDate element after it validates your package.

Important  The value of the LastModifiedDate element must contain a unique value that represents the actual time that the device metadata package was last changed.

The LastModifiedDate element is required.

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