DevQueryPrintEx function

A printer interface DLL's DevQueryPrintEx function determines if a specified print job is compatible with the printer's current configuration and can therefore be printed.


BOOL DevQueryPrintEx(


pDQPInfo [in, out]

Caller-supplied pointer to a DEVQUERYPRINT_INFO structure.

Return value

If the print job can be printed, the function should return TRUE; otherwise, it should return FALSE.


Printer interface DLLs must define a DevQueryPrintEx function. The function is called by the print spooler if the Hold Mismatched Documents option is checked on the Advanced page of the printer's property sheet. If the function returns TRUE, the spooler queues the print job for printing. Otherwise, the job is held, under the assumption that the printer will eventually be reconfigured so the job can print.

The received DEVQUERYPRINT_INFO structure points to a DEVMODEW structure describing the printer characteristics required by the print job. The DevQueryPrintEx function should first verify that the size and version members of the received DEVMODEW structure are compatible with the driver. Then it should determine if the supplied DEVMODEW contents are compatible with the current printer configuration.

If the job can be printed, the function should just return TRUE. If the job should be held until later, the function should return FALSE after supplying a displayable text string (in the buffer pointed to by the DEVQUERYPRINT_INFO structure's pszErrorStr member) describing the reason the job cannot be printed.

Displayable text strings should be defined as string resources in a resource file.


Target platform



Winddiui.h (include Winddiui.h)







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