Serenum I/O Request Reference

This section describes the I/O requests that are supported by Serenum.sys. Starting with Windows 2000, Serenum.sys is a system-supplied filter driver for RS-232 ports.

Serenum.sys is a Plug and Play upper-level device filter driver that enumerates the following device types:

Serenum is used with Serial.sys, the system-supplied function driver for serial devices. The combined operation of Serial.sys and Serenum.sys acts as a Plug and Play bus driver for a RS-232 port. Serenum.sys can also be used with RS-232 port drivers other than Serial.sys that meet the specified driver requirements.

Serenum.sys implements the Serenum system service.

The following topics describe the Serenum.sys filter driver:

Serenum Device Control Requests

Serenum Internal Device Control Requests

For more information about Serenum.sys, see the following:



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