HAL Library Routines
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HAL Library Routines

The routines and macros described in this section are described in alphabetical order.

For an overview of the functionality of these routines and macros, see Summary of Kernel-Mode Support Routines.

The following routines are reserved for system use. Do not use them in your driver.


HalAllocateAdapterChannel. Use AllocateAdapterChannel instead.



HalGetScatterGatherList. Use GetScatterGatherList instead.


HalPutDmaAdapter. Use PutDmaAdapter instead.

HalPutScatterGatherList. Use PutScatterGatherList instead.

These routines are obsolete. Instead, use IRP_MN_QUERY_INTERFACE to query the GUID_BUS_INTERFACE_STANDARD interface and use the returned function pointer to perform the appropriate action such as read or write to the configuration space.

Windows performs resource balancing of PCI bus resources to open an address region for a plugged device. The rebalance operation causes the bus data for some driver's device to move dynamically (between IRP_MN_STOP_DEVICE and IRP_MN_START_DEVICE calls). Therefore, a driver must not access the bus data directly. Instead the driver must pass it down to the lower bus driver because it knows the location of the device.

For more information, see Stopping a Device to Rebalance Resources.



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