Enumerating Serenum Devices

In Microsoft Windows 2000, boot time can be significantly delayed by the time it takes to automatically enumerate high-capacity multiport adapters (containing 16 or more ports). To address this issue, Windows XP and later supports the following enhancements:

  • Compared to Windows 2000, the time Serenum requires to automatically enumerate high-capacity multiport adapters is substantially reduced.

  • In Windows XP and later, Serenum supports an optional SkipEnumerations registry entry value for each serial port installed on a system. A vendor can use this entry value to control whether Serenum enumerates a port (whether initiated by a system boot or by a user through Device Manager or Add Hardware Wizard).

For details about how to set a serial port's SkipEnumerations entry value in Windows XP, see Registry Settings for Serenum.

Windows does not support a single registry setting that globally controls the enumeration of all serial ports.

Serenum must open a serial port to enumerate it. Devices that keep a port open indefinitely should not use Serenum.



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