File | Image File Path

Click Image File Path on the File menu to display, set, or append to the executable image path.

This command is equivalent to pressing CTRL+I.

Executable Image Search Path Dialog Box

When you click Image File Path, the Executable Image Search Path dialog box appears. This dialog box displays the current executable image path. If the Image path box is blank, there is no current executable image path.

You can enter a new path or edit the old path. If you want to search more than one directory, separate the directory names with semicolons.

Click OK to save changes, or click Cancel to discard changes.

If you select the Reload check box, the debugger will reload all loaded image and symbol files after you click OK. This command is equivalent to using the .reload (Reload Module) command.

You can also click Browse to open the Browse For Folder dialog box.

Browse For Folder Dialog Box

In the Browse For Folder dialog box, you can browse through the folders on your computer or your network. You can also use the Make New Folder button to create a new folder. If you right-click a file or folder in this dialog box, a standard Windows shortcut menu appears.

Click OK to append the selected folder to the executable image path and return to the Executable Image Search Path dialog box.



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