Driver Install Frameworks API (DIFxAPI)

Driver Install Frameworks API (DIFxAPI) version 2.1 is a component of Driver Install Frameworks (DIFx) version 2.1. DIFxAPI simplifies the creation of applications that install and uninstall driver packages and is available starting with Microsoft Windows 2000. DIFxAPI includes the following components:

  • 32-bit components that support x86-based systems.

  • 64-bit components that support x64-based systems.

  • 64-bit component that support Itanium-based systems.

For new installation applications, use DIFxAPI version 2.1 instead of DIFxAPI version 2.0, which did not fully support Windows Vista and later versions of Windows.

Starting with Windows 7, the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) includes version 2.1 of DIFxAPI. For information about how to obtain the latest WDK, see How to Get the WDK.

Note  Although version 2.1 of DIFxAPI was available in earlier versions of the WDK, use the version of DIFxAPI in the Windows 7 WDK and later versions of the WDK. With this version of DIFxAPI, you get compatibility with previous and future versions of Windows.

DIFxAPI simplifies the following:

For information about how to link an installation application to DIFxAPI, see Linking an Installation Application to DIFxAPI.



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