DevCon Overview

DevCon is a command-line tool that performs the following device management functions on local and remote computers:

  • Display. DevCon can display the following properties of drivers and devices on local and remote computers:
    • Hardware IDs, compatible IDs, and device instance IDs. These identifiers are described in detail in Device Identification Strings.
    • Device setup classes
    • The devices in a device setup class
    • INF files and device driver files
    • Details of driver packages
    • Hardware resources
    • Device status
    • Expected driver stack
    • Third-party driver packages in the driver store
  • Search. DevCon can search for installed and uninstalled devices on a local or remote computer by hardware ID, device instance ID, or device setup class.

  • Change. DevCon can change the status or configuration of Plug and Play devices on the local computer in the following ways:
    • Enable a device
    • Disable a device
    • Update drivers (interactive and noninteractive)
    • Install a device (create a devnode and install software)
    • Remove a device from the device tree and delete its device stack
    • Rescan for Plug and Play devices
    • Add, delete, and reorder the hardware IDs of root-enumerated devices
    • Change the upper and lower filter drivers for a device setup class
    • Add and delete third-party driver packages from the driver store
  • Restart. DevCon can restart a local device, reboot the local system on demand, or reboot the local system if required for another DevCon operation.

Note   To run DevCon commands on a remote computer, the Group Policy setting must allow the Plug and Play service to run on the remote computer. On computers that run Windows Vista and later versions of Windows, the Group Policy disables remote access to the service by default.



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Build date: 8/16/2013