The D3DDEVICEDESC_V3 structure is obsolete; only D3DDEVICEDESC_V1 should be used.

The D3DDEVICEDESC_V3 structure contains fields that are already reported in the D3DHAL_D3DEXTENDEDCAPS structure when responding to the GUID_D3DExtendedCaps GUID in DdGetDriverInfo.

typedef struct _D3DDeviceDesc_V3 {
    DWORD             dwSize;
    DWORD             dwFlags;
    D3DCOLORMODEL     dcmColorModel; 
    DWORD             dwDevCaps;
    D3DTRANSFORMCAPS  dtcTransformCaps;  
    BOOL              bClipping;
    D3DLIGHTINGCAPS   dlcLightingCaps; 
    D3DPRIMCAPS       dpcLineCaps;
    D3DPRIMCAPS       dpcTriCaps;
    DWORD             dwDeviceRenderBitDepth; 
    DWORD             dwDeviceZBufferBitDepth;
    DWORD             dwMaxBufferSize;  
    DWORD             dwMaxVertexCount;
    DWORD             dwMinTextureWidth;
    DWORD             dwMinTextureHeight;
    DWORD             dwMaxTextureWidth;
    DWORD             dwMaxTextureHeight;
    DWORD             dwMinStippleWidth;
    DWORD             dwMaxStippleWidth;
    DWORD             dwMinStippleHeight;
    DWORD             dwMaxStippleHeight;
    DWORD             dwMaxTextureRepeat;
    DWORD             dwMaxTextureAspectRatio;
    DWORD             dwMaxAnisotropy;
    D3DVALUE          dvGuardBandLeft;
    D3DVALUE          dvGuardBandTop;
    D3DVALUE          dvGuardBandRight;
    D3DVALUE          dvGuardBandBottom;
    D3DVALUE          dvExtentsAdjust;
    DWORD             dwStencilCaps;
    DWORD             dwFVFCaps; 
    DWORD             dwTextureOpCaps;
    WORD              wMaxTextureBlendStages;
    WORD              wMaxSimultaneousTextures;



D3dhal.h (include D3dhal.h)



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