Driver Support Routines

Driver support routines are routines that the Windows operating system provides for kernel-mode drivers to use. Drivers do not use Microsoft Win32 routines; instead, they use the driver support routines that this section describes.

The driver support routines in this section are organized by kernel-mode managers and libraries.

The following kernel-mode managers provide support for drivers:

Object Manager Routines

Memory Manager Routines

Process and Thread Manager Routines

I/O Manager Routines

Power Manager Routines

Configuration Manager Routines

Kernel Transaction Manager Routines

Security Reference Monitor Routines

The following kernel-mode libraries provide support for drivers:

Auxiliary Counter User Mode Routines

Core Kernel Library Support Routines

Executive Library Support Routines

Run-Time Library (RTL) Routines

Safe String Library Routines

Safe Integer Library Routines

Direct Memory Access (DMA) Library Routines

Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) Library Routines

Common Log File System (CLFS) Routines

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Library Support Routines

ZwXxx Routines

Auxiliary Kernel-Mode Library Routines and Structures

Processor Group Compatibility Library

For a task-based summary of kernel support routines, see Summary of Kernel-Mode Support Routines.



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