The DEVPROP_TYPE_NTSTATUS identifier represents the base-data-type identifier for the NTSTATUS status code values that are defined in Ntstatus.h.


In Windows Vista and later versions of Windows, the unified device property model also defines a DEVPROP_TYPE_ERROR base-data-type identifier for Microsoft Win32 error code values.

You can combine DEVPROP_TYPE_NTSTATUS only with the DEVPROP_TYPEMOD_ARRAY property-data-type modifier.

Setting a Property of This Type

To set a property whose base data type is DEVPROP_TYPE_NTSTATUS, call the corresponding SetupDiSetXxx property function and set the function input parameters as follows:

  • Set the PropertyType parameter to DEVPROP_TYPE_NTSTATUS.

  • Set the PropertyBuffer parameter to a pointer to a buffer that can contain at least one NTSTATUS value.

  • Set the PropertyBufferSize parameter to sizeof(NTSTATUS).

  • Set the remaining function parameters as appropriate to set the property.

Retrieving the Descriptive Text for a NTSTATUS Error Code Value

To retrieve the descriptive text that is associated with an NTSTATUS error code value, call the FormatMessage function (documented in the Windows SDK) as follows:

  • Include a bitwise OR of the FORMAT_MESSAGE_FROM_SYSTEM flag and the FORMAT_MESSAGE_FROM_HMODULE flag in the value of the dwflags parameter.

  • Set the lpSource parameter to a handle to the NtDLL.dll module, which is the source for the descriptive text.

  • Set the dwMessageID parameter to the error code value.

  • Set the other options and parameters as appropriate to retrieve the descriptive text.



Windows Vista and later versions of Windows.


Devpropdef.h (include Devpropdef.h)

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