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WaveDevices (NT Wavedriver)

The WaveDevices (NT Wavedriver) entry provides voice functionality for Windows 2000 and later versions of the operating system. It specifies the number of wave devices that the serial wave driver supports.


A two-byte value.


HKR, WaveDriver,    WaveDevices, 1, 02, 00


This entry can only be used to indicate that a voice modem has the ability to play back and record to a handset device. If it does not have this ability or does not have a handset device, this entry should be set to 1. If this entry is set to 2, the serial wave device will report a handset and line device. No other value can be used in this entry. If this entry is omitted, the default value is 2.

The VoiceProfile handset bit (0x00000002) is usually enabled if the WaveDevices entry is enabled; conversely, that bit is disabled if the WaveDevices entry is disabled.

This command is placed in the modem INF file only and not in a serial wave driver INF file because Windows 2000 and later versions of the operating system do not use serial wave driver INF files.

In addition, the following keys are found in a modem INF file that is enabled to provide voice functionality in Windows 2000 and later versions of the operating system:

XformID (NT Wavedriver)

BaudRate (NT Wavedriver)

XformModule (NT Wavedriver)

WaveHardwareID (NT Wavedriver)

WaveDevices (NT Wavedriver)

The Windows 2000 VoiceProfile bit (0x02000000) must also be enabled.

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