This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Testing a Modem Installation Using NDIS Test

You can use NDIS Test, which is part of the Windows Driver Kit (WDK), to verify that your modem INF file properly installs and runs with your modem on a Windows platform. After successfully completing the pretest of the modem and INF file with NDIS Test, follow the directions described in Windows Logo Testing and test your device by using Driver Test Manager, which is part of the Microsoft Windows Logo Kit (WLK).

Use the current version of the WDK for test submissions. For more information about "Designed for Windows" logo submissions, see WHQL Testing for Modems. NDIS Test is updated frequently to support the latest features. Instructions on how to run the current version of NDIS Test can be obtained from WHQL.

Microsoft often receives requests to add additional features to the NDIS Test. Generally it is updated only to implement a significant feature change. Submit your requests for new features to WHQL.

Note   The voice modem support for caller ID should be tested with NDIS Test.



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