This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Modem INF File Entries

This section describes modem INF file entries in detail. For a complete overview of modem INF files and additional information about using, creating, and installing modem INF files, see Overview of Modem INF Files.

Note   Unless otherwise specified, all the modem INF entries that are supported by Windows 2000 are also supported by later NT-based versions of the operating system.

Modem INF file entries consist primarily of add-registry-section entries, which are identified by an INF AddReg directive.

A modem INF file generally consists of standard INF file entries, which are required by all modems, and entries that provide Unimodem with additional information about the modem being installed. This section provides complete descriptions of the modem INF file entries.

The entries that are used depend on the modem's capabilities. These capabilities determine groupings such as fax modem, data modem, voice modem, ISDN-TA modem, and GSM modem entries. The following topics describe the entries that comprise each of these functional categories:

Data Modem INF File Entries

Fax Modem INF File Entries

Voice Modem INF File Entries

ISDN-TA Modem INF File Entries

GSM Modem INF File Entries



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