This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

LineSetPlayFormat, LineSetRecordFormat, HandsetSetPlayFormat, HandsetSetRecordFormat

The LineSetPlayFormat, LineSetRecordFormat, HandsetSetPlayFormat, and HandsetSetRecordFormat entries define commands that direct the modem to set the record/play format.


One or more command strings.


HKR, LineSetPlayFormat,        1,, "at#vls=0<cr>"
HKR, LineSetRecordFormat,      1,, "None"
HKR, LineSetRecordFormat,      2,, "NoResponse"
HKR, HandsetSetRecordFormat,   1,,"at#vsr=7200<cr>"
HKR, HandsetSetRecordFormat,   2,,"at#vbs=4<cr>"
HKR, HandsetSetPlayFormat,     1,,"at#vsr=7200<cr>"
HKR, HandsetSetPlayFormat,     2,,"at#vbs=4<cr>"


If the modem is using the serial wave driver, and the baud rate needs to be set, the baud rate command should be the last command listed.



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