Mouclass Driver Reference

This section describes reference elements for the system class driver Mouclass. The Mouclass driver supports the device class GUID_CLASS_MOUSE on Microsoft Windows 2000 and later versions. This information is provided in the following topics:

Mouclass Major I/O Requests

Mouclass Device Control Requests

Mouclass Class Service Callback Routine

MouClass Structures

Windows uses Mouclass as the class driver for all mouse devices installed in a system. The Windows Win32 subsystem opens all mouse devices for its exclusive use. Applications cannot open the mouse devices opened by Mouclass.

Mouclass can work in combination with an optional upper-level mouse filter driver for a PS/2-style mouse device. Moufiltr, a sample upper-level mouse filter driver in the MSDN Code Gallery, can be used to customize the operation of a mouse device.

For more information about Mouclass, see the following:

  • The ntddkbd.h WDK header file

Note   Mouclass supports legacy devices and Plug and Play devices. When appropriate, this material distinguishes between the operation of Mouclass for a legacy device and a Plug and Play device. If no distinction is made, the description applies to both legacy and Plug and Play devices.



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