FltCompareInstanceAltitudes function

FltCompareInstanceAltitudes compares the altitudes of two minifilter driver instances.


LONG FltCompareInstanceAltitudes(
  _In_ PFLT_INSTANCE Instance1,
  _In_ PFLT_INSTANCE Instance2


Instance1 [in]

Pointer to the first instance.

Instance2 [in]

Pointer to the second instance.

Return value

FltCompareInstanceAltitudes returns a signed value that gives the results of the comparison as follows:

Return codeDescription

Instance1 is attached at the same altitude as Instance2. This can only occur if Instance1 and Instance2 are attached to different volumes or if Instance1 and Instance2 are pointers to the same instance.

Less than zero

Instance1 is attached at a lower altitude than Instance2.

Greater than zero

Instance1 is attached at a higher altitude than Instance2.



The minifilter driver instances that Instance1 and Instance2 point to can be instances of the same minifilter driver or different minifilter drivers. However, they must be attached to the same volume if the result returned by FltCompareInstanceAltitudes is to be meaningful.

The term "altitude" refers to the position that an instance occupies (or should occupy) in the minifilter driver instance stack for a volume. The higher the altitude, the farther the instance is from the base file system in the stack. Only one instance can be attached at a given altitude on a given volume.

Altitude is specified by an altitude string, which is a counted Unicode string that consists of one or more decimal digits from 0 through 9; the string can include a single decimal point. For example, "100.123456" and "03333" are valid altitude strings.

The string "03333" represents a higher altitude than "100.123456" (Leading and trailing zeros are ignored.) In other words, an instance whose altitude is "03333" is farther from the base file system than an instance whose altitude is "100.123456". However, this comparison is only meaningful if both instances are attached to the same volume.

To attach a minifilter driver instance to a volume, call FltAttachVolume or FltAttachVolumeAtAltitude.

To detach a minifilter driver instance from a volume, call FltDetachVolume.


Target platform



Fltkernel.h (include Fltkernel.h)





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