FilterVolumeInstanceFindFirst function

The FilterVolumeInstanceFindFirst function returns information about a minifilter driver instance or legacy filter driver and is used to begin scanning the filter drivers that are attached to a volume.


HRESULT FilterVolumeInstanceFindFirst(
  _In_  LPCWSTR                    lpVolumeName,
  _In_  INSTANCE_INFORMATION_CLASS dwInformationClass,
  _Out_ LPVOID                     lpBuffer,
  _In_  DWORD                      dwBufferSize,
  _Out_ LPDWORD                    lpBytesReturned,
  _Out_ LPHANDLE                   lpVolumeInstanceFind


lpVolumeName [in]

Pointer to a null-terminated wide-character string that contains the name of the volume to which the minifilter instance or legacy filter is attached.

The lpVolumeName input string can be any of the following. The trailing backslash (\) is optional.

  • A drive letter, such as D:\

  • A path to a volume mount point, such as c:\mnt\edrive\

  • A unique volume identifier (also called a volume GUID name), such as \??\Volume{7603f260-142a-11d4-ac67-806d6172696f}\

  • A nonpersistent device name (also called a target name or an NT device name), such as \Device\HarddiskVolume1\

dwInformationClass [in]

The type of filter driver information structure returned. This parameter must contain one of the following values.



Return an INSTANCE_BASIC_INFORMATION structure for a minifilter instance. Legacy filter drivers are ignored.


Return an INSTANCE_FULL_INFORMATION structure for a minifilter instance. Legacy filter drivers are ignored.


Return an INSTANCE_PARTIAL_INFORMATION structure for a minifilter instance. Legacy filter drivers are ignored.


Return an INSTANCE_AGGREGATE_STANDARD_INFORMATION structure for the instance. The LegacyFilter member of the structure is not utilized.

This structure is available starting with Windows Vista.


lpBuffer [out]

Pointer to a caller-allocated buffer that receives the requested information. The type of the information returned in the buffer is defined by the dwInformationClass parameter.

dwBufferSize [in]

Size, in bytes, of the buffer that the lpBuffer parameter points to. The caller should set this parameter according to the given dwInformationClass.

lpBytesReturned [out]

Pointer to a caller-allocated variable that receives the number of bytes returned in the buffer that lpBuffer points to if the call to FilterVolumeInstanceFindFirst succeeds. This parameter is required and cannot be NULL.

lpVolumeInstanceFind [out]

Pointer to a caller-allocated variable that receives a search handle for the minifilter instance or legacy filter (only when InstanceAggregateStandardInformation is specified) if the call to FilterVolumeInstanceFindFirst succeeds. Otherwise, lpVolumeInstanceFind receives INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE. This search handle can be used in subsequent calls to FilterVolumeInstanceFindNext and FilterVolumeInstanceFindClose.

Return value

FilterVolumeInstanceFindFirst returns S_OK if successful. Otherwise, it returns an HRESULT error value, such as one of the following:

Return codeDescription

The buffer pointed to by lpBuffer is not large enough to contain the requested information. When this value is returned, lpBytesReturned will contain the size, in bytes, of the buffer required for the given dwInformationClass structure.


An invalid value was specified for the dwInformationClass parameter. For example, if InstanceAggregateStandardInformation is specified for an operating system prior to Windows Vista, FilterVolumeInstanceFindFirst returns this HRESULT value.


A filter driver was not found on the given volume.



The FilterVolumeInstanceFindFirst function opens a search handle and returns information about the first filter driver found that is attached to the volume named by lpVolumeName. After the search handle has been established, call FilterVolumeInstanceFindNext to search for other filter drivers that are attached to the same volume. When the search handle is no longer needed, close it by calling FilterVolumeInstanceFindClose.

Starting with Windows Vista, FilterVolumeInstanceFindFirst can return both legacy filter driver information and minifilter driver instance information when the value of the dwInformationClass parameter is InstanceAggregateStandardInformation. For earlier operating systems, this function cannot return legacy filter information because the INSTANCE_AGGREGATE_STANDARD_INFORMATION structure is not available.


Target platform



Fltuser.h (include FltUser.h)





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