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WinUsb_SetPipePolicy function

The WinUsb_SetPipePolicy function sets the policy for a specific pipe associated with an endpoint on the device. This is a synchronous operation.


BOOL __stdcall WinUsb_SetPipePolicy(
  _In_  WINUSB_INTERFACE_HANDLE InterfaceHandle,
  _In_  UCHAR PipeID,
  _In_  ULONG PolicyType,
  _In_  ULONG ValueLength,
  _In_  PVOID Value


InterfaceHandle [in]

An opaque handle to an interface that contains the endpoint with which the pipe is associated.

To set policy for the pipe associated with the endpoint in the first interface, use the handle returned by WinUsb_Initialize. For all other interfaces, use the handle to the target interface, retrieved by WinUsb_GetAssociatedInterface.

PipeID [in]

An 8-bit value that consists of a 7-bit address and a direction bit. This parameter corresponds to the bEndpointAddress field in the endpoint descriptor.

PolicyType [in]

A ULONG variable that specifies the policy parameter to change. The Value parameter contains the new value for the policy parameter, defined in winusbio.h. For information about how to use each of the pipe policies and the resulting behavior, see WinUSB Functions for Pipe Policy Modification.

ValueLength [in]

The size, in bytes, of the buffer at Value.

Value [in]

The new value for the policy parameter that PolicyType specifies. The size of this input parameter depends on the policy to change. For information about the size of this parameter, see the description of the PolicyType parameter.

Return value

WinUsb_SetPipePolicy returns TRUE if the operation succeeds. Otherwise, this function returns FALSE, and the caller can retrieve the logged error by calling GetLastError.

GetLastError can return the following error code.

Return codeDescription

The caller passed NULL in the InterfaceHandle parameter.


The caller passed an invalid size for the policy parameter buffer in the ValueLength parameter.


Indicates that there is insufficient memory to perform the operation.




Winusb.h (include Winusb.h)



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