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HID Class Driver IOCTLs

This section describes the IOCTLs that the HID class driver supports for top-level collections.

Although user applications can communicate with the HID class driver by using HidD_Xxx  HIDClass support routines, kernel-mode drivers must send the corresponding device control requests described in this section.

The input and output parameters are request-specific.

Upon completion of a request, the I/O status block members are set as follows:

  • The Status member is set by the HID class driver for all requests that it handles.

  • As described for each IOCTL, the Information member is set either by the class driver or a lower-level driver. Normally, when a lower-level driver transfers data from or to a device, the lower-level driver sets Information to the number of bytes transferred. However, the HID class driver might return a different value.



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