Windows 2000 Support for WDM Audio

Microsoft Windows 2000 supports the following WDM audio capabilities:


  1. In Windows 2000, the Windows multimedia functions allow a maximum of ten device interfaces on each of the following APIs: waveIn, waveOut, midiIn, midiOut, mixer, and aux. For more information, see Windows 2000 Device Interface Limits.

  2. In Windows 2000, a conversion error in the KMixer system driver causes 24-bit and 32-bit output samples to be truncated to 16 bits of precision. In Windows Me, KMixer has a similar problem (see Windows Me Support for WDM Audio). However, this problem does not occur in Windows 98 or in Windows XP and later. The problem is fixed in Windows 2000 Service Pack 3. For more information, see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article Q308883.



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