Changing Text Properties
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Changing Text Properties

You can customize the font that is used in all of the debugging information windows. You can also change the tab width that is used in the Source windows.

Setting the Font, Font Style, and Font Size

All debugging information windows share the same font. To change this font, click Font on the View menu, or click the Font button (Screen shot of the Font button) on the toolbar.

In the Font dialog box, select the font, style, and size from the appropriate lists, and then click OK. All of the available fonts are fixed-pitch, because these kinds of fonts are the most useful for viewing code.

Setting the Tab Width

To change the tab width settings, click Options on the View menu or click the Options button (Screen shot of the Options button) on the toolbar.

The Options dialog box then appears. In the Tab width box, enter the number of spaces that the tab width should be equivalent to, and then click OK.

The tab settings affect the display of the code in any Source window.



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