UsbBuildSelectInterfaceRequest macro

The UsbBuildSelectInterfaceRequest macro formats an URB with the parameters necessary to select an alternate setting for an interface on a USB device.


void UsbBuildSelectInterfaceRequest(
  [in] PURB                      Urb,
  [in] USHORT                    Length,
  [in] USBD_CONFIGURATION_HANDLE ConfigurationHandle,
  [in] UCHAR                     InterfaceNumber,
  [in] UCHAR                     AlternateSetting


Urb [in]

Pointer to an URB that is to be formatted as a select-interface request.

Length [in]

Specifies the size, in bytes, of the URB. The URB_FUNCTION_SELECT_INTERFACE URB has a variable length. Clients can use the GET_SELECT_INTERFACE_REQUEST_SIZE macro to determine the URB length.

ConfigurationHandle [in]

Specifies the handle for this interface returned by the HCD when a configuration was selected.

InterfaceNumber [in]

Is the device-defined identifier for this interface specified in the descriptor for this interface.

AlternateSetting [in]

Is the device-defined identifier of the alternate setting that this interface should now use.

Return value

This macro does not return a value.


Target platform



Usbdlib.h (include Usbdlib.h)

See also

USB device driver programming reference



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