WDM Audio Platform Differences

WDM Audio Platform Differences

This section discusses the levels of support for Microsoft Windows Driver Model (WDM) audio drivers that are provided in the various versions of Windows.

The following topics describe the support for WDM audio in the different Windows releases that are available:

Windows Vista Support for WDM Audio

Additional information about WDM platform differences is available elsewhere in the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) documentation:

  • For information about how the support for PortCls functions and interfaces differs among Windows versions, see PortCls Support by Operating System.

  • For information about how version numbers for PortCls adapter drivers differ among Windows versions, see Version Numbers for Audio Drivers.

  • For information about how the support for WDM drivers in general differs among Windows versions, including a discussion of floating-point issues for drivers, see Differences in WDM Versions.



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