System Multifunction Drivers

If your multifunction device uses a single device ID and multiple BARs, your adapter driver need not enumerate the subdevices itself. Instead, your driver can rely on a system driver to do the enumeration.

On Microsoft Windows 2000 and later, the system-supplied multifunction bus driver, Mf.sys, does the enumeration. Your driver must specify the subdevices in its startup code and INF file, but Mf.sys enumerates the individual subdevices during installation.

On Windows Me/98, a configuration-management VxD called Configmg.vxd is used instead of Mf.sys, although it does basically the same thing. You can find an example of the INF syntax for specifying the subdevices in your multifunction device by looking at the device setup information file Mf.inf on any Windows Me/98 installation.



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