Action Interfaces

The action interfaces control an instance of the IWDTFTarget2 interface. Every plug-in must support this interface. All action interfaces inherit from IAction, either directly or indirectly.

You can retrieve an action interface for a target by calling the IWDTFTarget2::GetInterface method.

There are two sets of action interfaces:

Device Action Interfaces

System Action Interfaces


In WDTF, the IWDTFSimpleIOStressAction2 interface is implemented once as a wrapper around the numerous SimpleIO implementations.

SimpleIO can be easier to use directly, rather than throughIWDTFSimpleIOStressAction2.This is because scenario code must keep a reference to each IWDTFSimpleIOStressAction2instance that it starts, and remember to stop it before closing. However, because IWDTFSimpleIOStressAction2 runs asynchronously, it enables you to test combinations of events. For example, an IWDTFSimpleIOStressAction2instance could start I/O testing for an extended period to test hardware sleep features.

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