The KSPROPSETID_TopologyNode property set provides generic control over the various topology nodes. For a list of topology node types, see Audio Topology Nodes. The properties in this set can be used to enable, disable, and reset topology nodes.

To expose AEC (acoustic echo cancellation) hardware acceleration to the system, an audio driver must implement AEC and noise-suppression nodes (KSNODETYPE_ACOUSTIC_ECHO_CANCEL and KSNODETYPE_NOISE_SUPPRESS), and must support enabling and disabling of these nodes through the KSPROPSETID_TopologyNode properties. For more information, see Exposing Hardware-Accelerated Capture Effects.

A KSNODETYPE_PROLOGIC_ENCODER node must also support the KSPROPSETID_TopologyNode properties.

The KSPROPSETID_TopologyNode property set contains the following properties:





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