The KSPROPSETID_AC3 property set exposes the AC-3 decoding and encoding capabilities of an audio device driver.

An audio driver that supports the AC-3 format can expose a wide range of properties for controlling the features of an AC-3 decoder/encoder. In addition, the properties of a stream can be queried to determine characteristics of the AC-3-encoded audio.

When the audio hardware does not support a particular capability, the driver for that hardware should fail the get- and set-property calls in order to inform the upper-layer driver that it must find another way to perform the specified function. For example, the driver for a decoder that does not support dynamic range compression should fail calls for that capability so that the upper layer will know that it needs to insert a compressor into the stream following the AC-3 decoder.

For information about AC-3 compression, see the AC-3 specification at the Dolby Laboratories website. The specification is titled Digital Audio Compression Standard (AC-3).

The property items in this set are specified by KSPROPERTY_AC3 enumeration values.

The KSPROPSETID_AC3 property set contains the following properties:










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