IEEE 1394 Bus Drivers


This section describes how to develop drivers for devices that connect to IEEE 1394 buses.

Where Applicable

IEEE 1394 bus drivers are used to connect a computer with digital devices, such as digital cameras and camcorders.

Developer Audience

This section is intended for use by C programmers. Before you use this section, you should understand basic driver development. For more information, see Getting Started with Windows Drivers.

Run-Time Requirements

Devices that connect to IEEE 1394 buses are supported on the Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows XP, and Microsoft Windows 2000 operating systems.

Design guide for writing IEEE 1396 bus drivers

Describes IEEE 1394 bus features, including installation, I/O requests, emulation drivers, samples and tools, and the IEC-61883 protocol driver.


Describes bus I/O requests, structures, and diagnostic test routines for IEEE 1394 buses. This section also describes the protocol I/O requests and structures of an IEC-61883 protocol driver.




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